Friday, February 4, 2011

Castle Cake

This Cake was made for a little princess named "Jyoshika " who was turning 1.I have been wanting to make this Castle Cake for some time now.Yesterday my dreams came true ....:)
Thanks to my hubby for helping me deliver the Cake.It was a little bit scary to take the cake in bumpy roads.Luckily the cake reached the venue in one piece :).
The flavor was an Egg free Vanilla Cake with one layer Pistachio custard filling and one layer was Chocolate custard filling.The Cake was iced in Whipped cream,flowers were made out of fondant.


Jayashree said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous cake, Dhanya.

Spice said...

so pretty..... guess my 2 yr. old would love this as now a days she's so obssessed with disney castle, that means princess for her.....